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What is your Mindset?

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First of all, what is a mindset?  The dictionary defines mindset as:

mind·set or mind-set  (mndst)   n.

1. A habitual or fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations.
2. An inclination or a habit.
So we know that if you have a fixed way of looking at something, like your life, your future, your weight, your job, chances are you will always look at it that way, unless you CHANGE YOUR MINDSET.
So what does that look like?  Take for example, a woman who has held the same job for 15 years, has not received promotions, and has not sought out new opportunities.  What do you think her Mindset is about her career, her ability to succeed in the field of  her choice, and even her view of her future career path?  What do you think her “interpretation” of her “situation” would be?  Do you think she is optimistic about her chances of promotion, or success in finding a better job?  What will need to happen if she is to change that?
What about the mindset of a person who’s parents couldn’t afford to travel, didn’t go on family vacations, and spoke negatively about those that did?  What is their “predetermined” “response” to taking long leisurely, relaxing vacations? How would this person achieve a life goal of traveling through Europe before they are 50?  What will they need to overcome?
So what about you?  What is your predetermined response to things you want to do, but feel you can’t, shouldn’t, won’t?  What is your Mindset?
Figuring out what your mindset is, is the first step in changing it, in order to reach the goals you really want in your life.
If you need help, try Mindset Life Coach, Victoria Edge, CPC.  You can learn more at our website, or even on our Mindset Life Coach page!

Change your Mindset and Change your Life!

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Have you ever heard of the One Degree Shift? No, I’m not talking about the Polar Shift, or even global warming.  I am speaking of making changes in your life.  According to Tony Robbins,

“One degree or one millimeter … of perception change or angle change, means the difference between success and failure, moving on or staying stuck.”

When you look at the things in your life you want to change, or goals in your life you want to reach, so often they seem so far off, so unattainable.  Your current perspective or mindset shows you that where you are today and where you want to be are too far apart.  This is defeating, unmotivating, and most often depressing.  With your aspirations dashed, and the “impossibility” of reaching your dreams, you might even give up completely!

Good News

By changing your Mindset, you can reach those goals, attain that change or lifestyle.

There is a little trick that can mean the difference between success and failure.  You see, we always look at these goals from the “insurmountable” perspective.  When all we need to do is to look at the here and now.

Let me explain.  Imagine a map, and a very large lake on the map.  You are in a boat on that lake, and have been heading toward an island shown on the map that is 15 miles away.  You just realized that the island you have been headed toward is 20 miles to the East from the the island where you really needed to go!    A 20 MILE Mistake!!  That will take all day!  That is too much! Then begins the stomping, the wailing, the crying, the desire to give up, the idea to jump out of the boat, etc.  But wait!  If you change your perspective, and stop looking at the distance between one destination (goal) and the other, and look at it from “here and now” you will see that if you simply change your approach by 1 degree East, you will reach your new goal with very little extra effort.

The 1 Degree Shift is a powerful tool in changing your mindset.  Look at what small thing you can do each day, what small shift, change or action that will take you toward your goal and then implement it. That is doable!  Don’t get lost in the list of things you will have to do in order to reach your goal, don’t look at the obstacles you will have to over come in order to get what you want.  Instead, shift your path by 1 degree and see if all those obstacles are even still in your way!

This is why Mindset Life Coaching is so powerful.  Don’t waste another minute saying you CAN’T, when now you know you CAN!

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Emotional Baggage – What are You Carrying Around?

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We all come with baggage; credit scores, financial responsibilities, bad decisions, and memories and experiences we hold on to.  But what creates emotional baggage? 

You and I have had experiences in our past, some of them not so good, some may even have been traumatic.  It is the decision to carry that experience into our future, and how we allow it to impact our actions, behaviors and future that determines whether it becomes baggage, or not.

Did you notice that I said “It is the DECISION…” and “… how we ALLOW IT to impact….”?  Yes, you have a choice.  So many times we hold on to feelings, emotions, memories and experiences that do not serve us, yet years, even decades later we still pull it out and run it up a flag pole, as if it were our guiding light. 

You do have a choice, but sometimes discovering how to let go can be difficult.  Depending on how long you have carried this baggage, how emotionally scarring it was, your continued exposure to the other’s involved or other triggers, you may have to work on letting this go for a while.  Here are some tips on how you can look your baggage in the eye and show it to the door.

1.  Think about a lesser experience in your past when someone hurt your feelings.  It hurt.  It made you mad, or sad, or angry.  You thought about that hurt for several days.  You stayed mad for a while.  But today, you are not carrying that hurt or anger with you any more.  Why?  What made you forget or let it go?  When this experience is brought to mind, do you get emotional or relive it? 

2.  Now, revisit the experience that surrounds your baggage, and think about it in its entirety.  Sometimes talking it out with someone you trust, a counselor or a coach can help.  Journaling can be helpful as well.  Find a method that works for you.  This should be a clinical examination of the experience, not an opportunity to get lost and consumed by the emotion.  Some emotion, perhaps anger or tears may be expected as you review this situation.

2.  Now, look at your experience in current terms.  By carrying this baggage around with you today, what impact on your life does it present?  What are you unable to do?  What does it make you do?  What happens that creates problems in your life, because of it?  Using your method of “revisiting” tell your friend/coach/counselor or Journal in detail how this impacts your life, and potentially the lives of others.

3.  Now imagine how it would be different if you no longer had the baggage.  Imagine your experiences in GREAT detail, really think about what you could now do that you couldn’t before, how would your life be different?  How would your future be different?  Really feel how it would be different.  Feelings are very powerful and can actually help make a transition.

4.  Now, look at how this baggage protects you.  What are you protected from, how does this baggage keep you safe?  No matter how silly it sounds, think about how it comforts you to hold on to it.  How is this feeling different from the feeling in the previous step?  Which one feels better (not more comfortable)?

5.  Now that you have the facts, and all the windows are opened and the darkness and secrets are cleared away, do you feel like you CAN let it go?  Think about the experience you recalled in step 1.  Do you think you can treat this experience in the same way? 

Good for you!  You may not be able to do all this in a day, it might actually take a while.  That is usually why coaching packages range from 6 – 24 weeks, giving you time to work through this or other processes with focus and accountability. 

This is not a fool-proof or perfect method, however, it might get you started or on the right track.  If you are looking for more help, please feel free to email me, or check out my website at

Koyaanisqatsi Is Your Life out of Balance?

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Chief Iron Eyes Cody from Koyaanisqatsi

When I was much younger, back in 1982, I was touched by a film called Koyaanisqatsi:  Life out of balance. The Hopi Indian word Koyaanisqatsi was used to depict a world where our focus on industry, progress and getting ahead, created discord in the bigger picture of nature, harmony, peace and health, leaving our world out of balance, and on a path for destruction.

This concept of Koyaanisqatsi has stayed with me, and now, as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach, I see how many of us struggle with our lives that are “out of balance”; our lives that are Koyaanisqatsi.  Our drive to succeed often compromises our relationships, our connection with nature, and even our connection to spirit, beliefs and our higher power.

Bringing our lives into balance, or Lomakatsi, means to put back in place those connections to earth, nature, spirit, family, hope, love, and a bigger world view – thereby  making our lives whole, and part of the circle of life. We find ourselves filled with energy, motivation, hope and purpose.

Koyaanisqatsi                          Lomakasti

Where are you on the graph above?  Are you completely disassociated with nature, earth, relationships, spirit and higher power? Or are you somewhere in the middle?

I’d say most of us are about mid way, some more to the left, others, closer to a good balance.

Have you ever looked at your life like this?  Are you surprised to think about your life in these terms?

The problem isn’t completely where you are on this graph; the problem is how do you move more to the right and into balance?  The further to the right you move, you will find less stress, more peace, more happiness, and the areas of your life will fall more easily together.  Who doesn’t want that?

As with any problem, identifying it is the first step, so now that you are aware of it, you have already shifted your perspective and have made a small movement to the right.  So, to keep the momentum, what else can you do?  Here are some ideas to help you get more Lomakasti:

Take some time EACH day to step outside and appreciate nature.  Whether it is 5 degrees below zero, or 95 degrees in the shade, there is something outside that you can find that is beautiful.  What about the color of the sky, the way the trees are silhouetted against the sunset, what about the little plant that is growing up between the cracks in the pavement in a busy down town sidewalk?  Don’t just notice it, appreciate it.  Feel the appreciation for the beauty.  When you do this you will feel stress start to slip away.  The more you do this the better you will begin to feel.

Find your soul’s seat.  It might be in a park near your house, the shoreline of a beach, it might be a swing in your back yard, it might be looking out the picture window of your 30 story highrise, but there is someplace, that when you are there, you feel peace, connected, in touch with a bigger power.  Don’t have one?  Look for one.  It will either be outside, or it will be looking outside, often it is near water (the water might even be an underground source) – it will always be connecting to nature and beauty that brings this soul peace.  Find this place and spend time there – drink in the beauty, grandeur, or peace.  Try to connect with the energy of this place.  Try to envision that you are breathing in the energy around you.  Feel the power, the inspiration, the energy fill you.

Meditate. Many people practice meditation, if you have not tried it, you will be surprised at the focus, relaxation and clarity you find.  Whether you meditate alone, or take a meditation or yoga class, you will find that soon, your mind clears more quickly and you can find that peace more often.

Once you try some of these tips you will find more balance and move to the right!

Now that you have taken steps to actually begin moving more toward a life in balance, what else can you do?  Work / Life balance is another area that can bring you closer to the right.

You might even ask for help from a Lifestyle Coach.  I can help you find the areas in your life that are pulling you to the left and out of balance, and help you refocus that energy to move you more into balance.

The choice is always yours; I wish you peace and Lomakatsi.

Contact me at or visit for more information about moving your life into balance.

You might even try a wonderful Essential Oil that is designed to help focus, balance and ground you in times of stress or anxiety – it is called Balance.  Read more here: or contact

Success Stories

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As a Coach, I work with clients from around the world who are trying to make changes to their lives, get out of ruts, reach goals and find happiness, success and health.  One of the common themes I am seeing is that many clients want to achieve a level of success in their business, but are either stuck at a plateau, or don’t even know where to begin.  This started me thinking, and has put me on a path to not only help my clients, but any Natural Health Practitioner who is struggling to grow, build or revitalize their business.  This includes those who own a health store, an herb shop, a spa, clinic, and even independent health consultants.  Many of you are already familiar with my first book, Health Strategy: Essential Oils; now I have begun writing a new book, interviewing those in this industry that have achieved lasting success, and getting their stories, secrets, their tools, their advice and their warnings for those on their way up.

Here are just a few questions and answers from those interviews for you to gnaw on, whet your appetite for more, and get you thinking about how this might help you!

Interview with SS:

Question: What helped you get your business off the ground?

Answer:  Lots of things, but each of our stores was different.  What worked for one store, we learned didn’t work for another.  For one store, we were able to get a local radio station to mention our store, and the next day, we had customers waiting in line before we opened!  Yet, for another store, nothing we had tried before seemed to work, until we got out and met the people, handed out fliers, got to know the people.  Once we did that, the previously small store almost grew overnight.

Interview with LT:

Question: What was the one thing that pushed your business into the fast lane?

Answer:  Two things, that really go hand in hand – Building client trust by always being honest and keeping my clients needs first, and carrying only products I could believe in.  That way I was always creating the most comprehensive healing opportunities for my clients.  I had built a strong client base, so when I introduced new products or services, my clients adopted them, based on my recommendation.  Always be open to new ideas and recommendations from your trusted resources, then do your research, ask others who have tried it, and try if for yourself!  Then you can confidently add it to your line and recommend it to your clients!

Interview with AG:

Question: What was the tool or action that you took that made the biggest difference in your success?

Answer:  You have to have a mentor, and be mentored by someone who is successful in doing what you want to do!  Talk with others who have done what you want to do, and who have made a successful lifestyle doing it!  A simple change of perspective from someone with expertise in that area, can create a boom in business! If your immediate upline isn’t the ideal mentor, don’t stop there – go out and find others that you can learn from – your success is in your own hands.

Imagine having the answers to over 25 questions like these, from 30 Successful Managers!  I’ll bet you can find your own story in theirs, find a path or find ideas you never thought of!

Stay tuned for more information about this powerful book!

Committing to a Lifestyle change

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“The nutritionist gave me this diet, that will help to lower my cholesterol, but how am I supposed to make that diet work in my life?”  or “My Naturopath made it sound so easy, but now that I am on my own, how do I put all that she told me into action?”  So familiar.  You know you need to change your habits, you know that if you don’t you health will suffer, perhaps even deteriorate!  But how do you take what they told you and really make it work in your world? 

As a Health and Wellness strategist, the first question I would ask you is, “Is this important to you?”  The answer to this question will tell you whether you will be able to make it work or not.  If you don’t care, or if this is not a priority for you, you will have no motivation to make the lifestyle and habit changes needed in order to succeed in this effort.  If you say that, yes, this is important, then you would be surprised at how many things you can change, and how quickly, once you find your motivation. 

So right now, sit quietly, tune out the world, focus on what you are about to undertake, and ask yourself, “Do I really want to make this change… Do I really think it is important?”  Maybe it is really a faith thing, “Do I really believe that this will make a difference?”  Whether you don’t want to, don’t think it is important, or you don’t believe it will make a difference, negative, or lack of commitment is like starting a long road trip with 4 flat tires.  If you REALLY want to go, you will go to the trouble of getting them fixed, if you didn’t really want to go anyway, you will find this a great excuse to not go. 

So, what do you say?  Are you honest enough with yourself to tell yourself the truth?  Are you committed?  If you are committed, you can move mountains!  Even if you have tried and failed in the past, if you are still committed, you will still succeed.  During an interview, when asked why didn’t he feel like a failure after so many failed attempts at the light bulb, Edison replied, “Young man, why would I feel like a failure? And why would I ever give up? I now know definitively over 9,000 ways that an electric light bulb will not work. Success is almost in my grasp.” Failure, event repeated failure isn’t a sign that something cannot be done.  It just means it cannot be done in the ways you have already tried.

So I challenge you… do you really want this lifestyle change?  Do you really what the results that this change will bring? Do you need more committment?  Do you need more faith?  Do you need help? 

Take some time to reflect on those questions, and your answers.  You may find a path or a plan you never thought of before.

Stick To Your Health Goals

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How many times have you started a new health plan, a plan that was designed and intended to improve your health, increase your strength, heal your weaknesses, and yet you have abandoned it?  How much money have you invested in your goals, in your health, in your future, only to throw it away for lack of consistency, or lack of motivation? Well, you are not alone, no, not by a far stretch.  This is an expensive habit – expensive not only in money, but in the compromising of your health. 

For some of us, it is simply a matter of not keeping our new years resolution to lose those 15 holiday pounds.  For others, those pounds might be the difference between a life on High Blood Pressure and Diabetes medication, and freedom!  For some this lack of committment might just be not taking the supplements and nutrition that would keep us healthy and strong, for others, the same lack of committment to a health and nutrition regime might mean losing a battle with weight, cholesterol, or even cancer.

So what is your health goal, and what is standing in your way?  Is it time?  Committing to the time it takes to change your habits, change your mindset?  Is it the effort?  Taking the time and effort to go to the gym, go to the health store, write down what you eat, go to a meeting, follow-up with your nutritionist or Naturopath? These sound like easy things to do, but day after day, folks just like you and I, make small choices that prevent us from following through on our commitments to our goals. 

Take “Lisa,” Lisa had been suffering with migraine headaches for years.  A friend of hers recommended a Naturopath that her mother had been seeing.  So Lisa went to see the Naturopath.  After some testing, questioning and evaluation, the Naturopath put Lisa on a specialized diet, to see if a suspected allergy to some foods was the underlying culprit.  Lisa was excited to begin, and to have a possible solution for this condition that had plagued her for years.  Lisa was dedicated to this new plan, and for the first week, she did everything the Naturopath recommended.  The next week, she had some heavy deadlines at work, and she slipped a little.  The third week, she was only following the plan with sparse regularity, and finally, frustrated, she gave up, and with the onset of her next migraine, decided it hadn’t worked anyway.  Truth was, she had made great headway, even in the first two weeks, and even under the stress of week two, had not had a migraine.  But her frustration with her lack of committment, or her lack of organization, or even just lack of support, made her give up, and blame everything but herself.  This scenario is more common than you might think.  We often “fall off the wagon” and then feel it would be too hard to climb back on the wagon, or too embarrassing to admit we fell off in the first place, or figure, even if I did climb back, I’d just fall off again, it isn’t worth it. 

Is that true?  Is that what we REALLY think, or is that frustration, embarrassment and fear speaking.  What if you knew you weren’t alone?  What if you knew that there were others who had the same fears?  What if you knew people who would understand and encourage you to hear your own voice, the voice that got you on the wagon in the first place, the one that called the Naturopath, the voice that joined the gym in the first place?  This is what it is to be a member of a group, a group that is struggling with similar issues.  Usually these support groups are part of some “step” process, like AA or Weight Watchers.  But how do you find an independent group? 

Health and Wellness Coaches can create this group environment for you, and even better, your health provider;  your gym, Herb Shop, Naturopath, Natural Health Practioner can help direct you to one that they work with.  I work with several Natural Health Providers that offer my Health and Wellness groups for their clients.  The groups are made up of clients from their practice or facility, so they are usually all on a similar path, but the dynamics of a group setting such as this can really provide the support, experience, understanding and guidance to the individual, to get back up, instead of wandering along side of the “wagon.”

The purpose of these Group sessions is not to shame you into following your goals, but instead support you in making the decisions you know you want to, but might be easier not to.  Your health and future a some of the most valuable assets you have, without your health, you would not have much of a future, you would not have much happiness in your life, if you were not healthy, or at least healthy enough to take advantage of those gifts life has to offer.  You invest in the maintenance of your car, you invest in the maintenance and upkeep of your home, you might even invest in the maintenance of your finger and toe nails.  Why is it so easy to put off investing in our health?

Truth is, we often think it is expensive to eat right, or take our nutritional supplements or hire a Health and Wellness Coach to keep us on track.  But imagine, down the road a few years, the cost of a life time on Blood Pressure, Diabetes, or cholesterol medications?  And now, they are turning everything into a “Disease” so they can put you on medication for it.  Ask you doctor, “If I take this, when will I be better so I can stop taking it?”  The answer is usually Never.  But ask the same question to the health practitioners who are recommending your health and wellness regime… you will find that their recommendations are designed to Improve your health, to keep you off those medications. The problem is, we are looking at TODAY, not down the road. 

So how do you stick to your Health goals?  Invest in your health, like you invest in your home and car – contact a Health and Wellness Coach to help you stay on track – you are worth it – just ask your family!