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Have You Run Into a Wall?

In Coaching, motivation, Personal Development, perspective, Women's growth, women's issues on January 17, 2012 at 4:46 pm

Do you feel like you keep running into walls when you are trying to accomplish something?
Do you ever feel like you don’t have any options?
Do you feel like you are up against a wall with no where to go?
Even though you know better, do you feel like you have to face this all alone?

Well, you are not alone, you have someone in your corner, you have someone to help you find the window, the door, or even the ladder to get past your obstacles and move forward.

All You Have to do is Ask!

Really, you don’t even have to know what you need, as a professional coach, I can help you discover where these walls come from and how to not only work through them, but in many cases, never see them again!

Not sure if this could actually work in your situation?  Check out the questions and situations on our our “Is Coaching Right For You” page.

Not sure if I am the coach for you?  Check out my Lifestyle and Mindset Coaching page on  You can ask questions about your specific issues, get a quote, or even check out other coaches.  I am confident that, like my other clients, you will be thrilled with the new possibilities in your life after only a few short months.

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Emotional Baggage – What are You Carrying Around?

In Coaching, Inspiration, motivation, Personal Development, perspective, women's issues on December 21, 2011 at 11:33 pm

We all come with baggage; credit scores, financial responsibilities, bad decisions, and memories and experiences we hold on to.  But what creates emotional baggage? 

You and I have had experiences in our past, some of them not so good, some may even have been traumatic.  It is the decision to carry that experience into our future, and how we allow it to impact our actions, behaviors and future that determines whether it becomes baggage, or not.

Did you notice that I said “It is the DECISION…” and “… how we ALLOW IT to impact….”?  Yes, you have a choice.  So many times we hold on to feelings, emotions, memories and experiences that do not serve us, yet years, even decades later we still pull it out and run it up a flag pole, as if it were our guiding light. 

You do have a choice, but sometimes discovering how to let go can be difficult.  Depending on how long you have carried this baggage, how emotionally scarring it was, your continued exposure to the other’s involved or other triggers, you may have to work on letting this go for a while.  Here are some tips on how you can look your baggage in the eye and show it to the door.

1.  Think about a lesser experience in your past when someone hurt your feelings.  It hurt.  It made you mad, or sad, or angry.  You thought about that hurt for several days.  You stayed mad for a while.  But today, you are not carrying that hurt or anger with you any more.  Why?  What made you forget or let it go?  When this experience is brought to mind, do you get emotional or relive it? 

2.  Now, revisit the experience that surrounds your baggage, and think about it in its entirety.  Sometimes talking it out with someone you trust, a counselor or a coach can help.  Journaling can be helpful as well.  Find a method that works for you.  This should be a clinical examination of the experience, not an opportunity to get lost and consumed by the emotion.  Some emotion, perhaps anger or tears may be expected as you review this situation.

2.  Now, look at your experience in current terms.  By carrying this baggage around with you today, what impact on your life does it present?  What are you unable to do?  What does it make you do?  What happens that creates problems in your life, because of it?  Using your method of “revisiting” tell your friend/coach/counselor or Journal in detail how this impacts your life, and potentially the lives of others.

3.  Now imagine how it would be different if you no longer had the baggage.  Imagine your experiences in GREAT detail, really think about what you could now do that you couldn’t before, how would your life be different?  How would your future be different?  Really feel how it would be different.  Feelings are very powerful and can actually help make a transition.

4.  Now, look at how this baggage protects you.  What are you protected from, how does this baggage keep you safe?  No matter how silly it sounds, think about how it comforts you to hold on to it.  How is this feeling different from the feeling in the previous step?  Which one feels better (not more comfortable)?

5.  Now that you have the facts, and all the windows are opened and the darkness and secrets are cleared away, do you feel like you CAN let it go?  Think about the experience you recalled in step 1.  Do you think you can treat this experience in the same way? 

Good for you!  You may not be able to do all this in a day, it might actually take a while.  That is usually why coaching packages range from 6 – 24 weeks, giving you time to work through this or other processes with focus and accountability. 

This is not a fool-proof or perfect method, however, it might get you started or on the right track.  If you are looking for more help, please feel free to email me, or check out my website at

Re-Imagine Your Life – for just $2.50?

In Coaching, health and wellness, Personal Development, Women's growth, women's health and wellness, women's issues on July 27, 2010 at 7:20 pm

You know that feeling – when your body feels like it is being squished from the sheer weight of the gravity around you, when it actually takes effort to smile and breath.  The scariest part of that feeling is that you often don’t have an outlet or any where to turn to get out of it!  This pressure goes by many names, fear, stress, overwhelm, anxiety, you name it! 

Women, I am talking to you!  You look gorgeous, you dress like a winner, you are on the right career path, everything looks like you have it all together!  But what would happen if we pulled back the curtain of your life?  What does it look like from your perspective?  Is your inner little girl sitting on the floor crying and rocking?  Is she pounding on the doors to get out?  Or is she sitting in the dark hoping no-one notices her? 

Why don’t we ask for help?  We do so much for so many people in our world, but we are always last on the list.  We spend money on ballet lessons, music lessons, soccer camp, golf outings, and when it comes time to spend money on ourselves, we can’t. 

So, what if I told you that for the pocket change at the end of every day, you could get the support, understanding, life planning, health and wellness, career and finance assistance that  you have always dreamed about.  What if you could have a Certified, Professional Coach, a plan, a support group, tons of resources at your fingertips, for just $2.50 a day?  — No, there is no catch. 

As a coach, I am always looking for ways to make help, resources, and coaching available to everyone, but so many women can’t justify spending money on a Coach for themselves.  These women are missing out on the power, the self discovery, the health, the motivation, career and relationship assistance, and the confidence to make phenomenal changes in their lives.  For the cost of a daily Latte, you can empower your life and reimagine your future!

What do you do everyday that you spend $2.50 or more on?  Coffee?  Lunch out?  Your nails?  Do any of those help you create your future, reduce your stress and anxiety, help you build a roadmap for improving your life? 

Want to learn more?  Check out my page for this life changing offer! Click around, read what interests you.  Need more info?  Contact me directly!

Don’t wait!  What will you tell yourself, your family or your friends in 6 months when you could be realizing your new life, but yet nothing has changed because you did nothing?  To quote Tony Robbins, “MAKE A MOVE!”